Fifty50 Foods donates 50% of the profits from your purchase to diabetes research.
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Fifty50 Foods Reviews

Stories from real people who are successfully managing their blood sugar levels and thriving!

I love the flavor of these cookies! I also eat other cookies that are sweetened with sucrose, etc. But these are unique.
My wife was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and these cookies not only keep her blood sugar normal, they taste great. I have to be careful I don’t eat a whole box by myself!!
I have been enjoying the FIFTY50 cookies for several years now, ever since my dietitian told me she approved of them for blood glucose control. I think they are fantastic! My favorites are the chocolate chip cookies.
Angel M.
Started using it (over a decade ago) because it worked better with my diabetes but stayed with because it's good. My wife uses it in recipes and my dog will do anything for it, including taking her pills.
First of all, what I loved about this was that it had no sugar & no sugar substitutes. I didn't notice when I first placed the order than there is also no added salt in the ingredient list. This is perfect for people watching their sugar and sodium intake. I am into fitness and exercise and I love peanut butter because of its protein and healthy fat content. I spread it on whole wheat bread for an even healthier snack throughout the day.
"I'm a huge fan of Fifty50. I've been a long time buyer of Fifty50 Peanut Butter and I can't imagine buying anything else. You're doing great work and it's appreciated in our house!"
Brandon G
I love the taste, especially on fresh or frozen strawberries. My husband who does not have a problem with his blood sugar likes the "almost fruit-like taste," as he calls it, unlike the overly sweet sugary taste of regular white sugar.
C. Peters
This is the only peanut butter I will eat! Often, natural peanut butters have a gritty texture and must be repeatedly stirred to blend the settled-out oil. Fifty50, however, has a natural taste, free of salt and sugar, and a smooth, uniform consistency.
Carolyn P.
"I love peanut butter, but am so tired of all the additives in them. I happened to notice your product and thought I'd try it. It's just like eating fresh peanuts! I wish I could have just sat down and eaten the whole jar."
Chris B.
This peanut butter has all the taste and crunch and has no sodium. I want to put it on my eggs in the morning! (I settle for on my english muffin). I will purchase more and keep it on hand.
D Allison
These are wonderful crusts. We buy a dozen at a time every few months, mostly for lemon pies (made from cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, lemon juice, jello) for a diabetic family member. However, everyone loves the pie not just the diabetic family member. They store well and enable us to have great deserts which don't affect blood sugar levels dramatically.
E. Hawkins
"I've tried others, but nothing tastes as good as Fifty50 Sugar Free fruit spreads. They are the best! My favorites are the strawberry and raspberry."
Eric M
Best of the sugar-free syrups out there and I have tried every one! Great flavor, no after taste!
I have type 2 diabetes. I love oatmeal and I tried the FIFTY50 hearty oats. I ride my bike every morning for one hour and those oats really sustain me. No other breakfast for me!
Gloria S.
Great taste and texture - love it! Not too sweet or too salty, just right! Love the idea of some of the money going to research.
I especially like FIFTY50’s oatmeal cookies. I would recommend them to anyone keeping an eye on their diabetes.
Heidi D.
Best peanut butter around. Good choice for diabetics in particular without any loss of taste, as good or better than other brands.
Your sugar substitute is nothing short of unreal. I cannot tell the difference between it and plain, granulated sugar. The finer texture of your products is wonderful because it mixes into tea and so forth very quickly.
This is the best peanut butter EVER! It tastes exactly like roasted peanuts and does not have that sugary aftertaste of many well-known brands. Eating it is like cracking the shell of a real peanut. I eat it by the spoonful. It's addictive!
K Cowell
We have used Fifty 50 for years. Once you do use it, you will never again go back to the sugar-filled, off-the-shelf. And, I'm a sugar lover.
Kenneth P.
"I am writing today to simply let you know how much I love your peanut butter. I recently bought Fifty50 peanut butter and I was very impressed. Your peanut butter is my favorite!"
Kimberly M.
This milk chocolate is one of the best sugar free chocolates I have found on the market. Just try to eat part of one bar at one seating!
L.S. Muhly
"I tried your product for the first time the other day- the chocolate crunch bar. It was the best chocolate I'd had in a very long time! I savored every bite! Thank you so much! It was quite satisfying!"
Lorraine P.
Been searching for a good sugar-free chocolate for a while. [...] I came across the Fifty/50 brand and Wow! That is good. It melts in your mouth, has the flavor, consistency, and sweetness of normal chocolate. With the other brands, the taste seemed to drop flat, there was something wanting or missing. Fifty/50 finishes like real chocolate, melting in your mouth and filling it with the sweet chocolate flavor. I let my wife try it and she found it hard to believe that it was sugar-free.
Lost Patrol
We've been eating this peanut butter pretty much exclusively for a couple of years now. None of us are diabetic, or even extremely concerned about sugar or glycemic load - we just love the simple, natural taste and texture. The oil does not separate as in some natural peanut butters, either, which is a plus.
Lyn L.
When my father developed diabetes, I learned about how low glycemic index carbohydrates help control blood glucose levels after eating. They don’t cause spikes and they help with overeating and weight gain because they are so filling. My father loves my meals. Now that I, too, have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I love my meals more than ever. Low glycemic eating helps us to enjoy our food while taking care of our health.
Marce Z.
Wow, what a surprise. Fifty50 peanut butter tastes absolutely wonderful! As a diabetic I have to control my carbs and definitely appreciate products with no added sugar. Fifty50 has an excellent creamy texture, doesn't separate and requires no stirring. I love it by the spoonful right out of the jar.
Marcy M.
The oatmeal I made with the FIFTY50 oats was so hearty and so good. I didn’t need anything else for breakfast. It reminded me of the old fashioned oats my aunt made for me when I was a little girl --- it tasted that good! And the orange marmalade? Yummy!
Mary O.
Plan to continue ordering Fifty-50. It is a favorite in our home. Quality is so good and the taste wonderful. Thanks so much. We like both the crunchy and the plain. Not having to worry about sugar is an added plus for us. Thanks again.
Patricia M.
I bought these hard candies as I'm trying to avoid sugar. These also are good if you are on a low glycemic diet. Each flavor is delicious, especially the orange flavor. I could absolutely not tell these were made without sugar. They taste exactly like hard candies should taste. Five candies contain 30 calories. The flavors in this packet include cherry, lemon, grape, orange and raspberry.
This is a great product to use for cooking for people with diabetes who crave sweets. I would recommend this product over and over.
Regina B.
Great product and great company. Very fast service. Love to use [Crystalline Fructose] in my baking as it makes the moistness last longer.
The sugar tastes great, has no after taste like some of the other sweeteners, the only thing that really bothers me is that it comes in such a small package, I just wish they would have different sizes available or a bit larger package option available. This is my one and only sugar that I use. Due to my gastro issues I can't use cane sugar and my doctor suggested that I use only fructose sugar and this is doing the job it seems.
A friend of mine brought me oatmeal cookies and granola that she made with FIFTY50 oats and fructose. They were better than others I’ve tasted before - absolutely delicious and hearty. I hope she brings me more the next time she comes for a visit. I am 83 years old.
Saverio Z.
Absolutely delicious bite-size morsels, and healthy at that!
I think that this is the best tasting peanut better there is. Plus, this is better for you. Love it!
I'm a chocolate chip cookie person, the best tasting cookie to eat and helps bring up low blood sugar, I recommend buying them
I really love love love love these cookies very very very very very very very much I will purchase more!
Finally, a no added sugar peanut butter that you do not have to stir! Absolutely love this product.