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Low GI Diet Options for the Big Game

January 31, 2018

Just Because You’re on a Low GI Diet, it Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Enjoy Great Food While Watching the Super Bowl or Olympics

Events like a Super Bowl party or watching the Olympic Games can be challenging if you’re trying to stick to a healthy Low GI diet and lifestyle. Here are five delicious Low GI diet menu options that will taste great and score big while you’re watching the games.

These Scrumptious Party Shrimp take only minutes to prepare so you can spend time watching the games versus spending time in the kitchen.


No party would be complete without veggies and dip. Check out this Spinach Hummus Dip for a penalty-free, low GI diet snack.


Packed with slow-releasing energy, this Turkey Chili will keep you full during and after the games – and your low GI diet won’t call “fowl.”


These tasty Candied Ginger Pecans are perfect to serve during halftime or the opening ceremony. Your low GI diet will say "Sweet!"


Your team is sure to win with these guilt-free Thai Chicken Skewers with Peanut Sauce.

Want more options? Check out all the low GI diet recipes from Fifty 50 Foods.

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