Fifty50 Foods donates 50% of the profits from your purchase to diabetes research.
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  • 50% of profits...

    50% of profits...

    50% of profits...

    ...go to help diabetes research with the hope that future generations won't have to worry about living with diabetes. Great customers like you who buy our products have helped raise over $14 million to help prevent, treat and find a cure for the disease. Just imagine a world without diabetes... we do! 

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  • New Look, Same Taste

    New Look, Same Taste

    New Look, Same Taste

    We’re excited to announce we have a new logo and new packaging! Don't worry, the same great ingredients made with sensible carbs still make up the delicious products you love. Look for our new packaging, now even easier to identify as Low Glycemic food, on your local grocer's shelves!

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  • Eat Well Feel Good

    Eat Well Feel Good

    Eat Well Feel Good

    Whether you are living with diabetes or just want to live a Low Glycemic lifestyle, Fifty50 Foods is leading the way with a full line of great tasting Low Glycemic foods to help everyone eat well and feel good.

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    Fifty50 Foods Low Glycemic products minimize your blood sugar spikes and crashes. They are perfect for people with healthy active lifestyles who need energy to go the distance -- and they are delicious!

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we have a new look!

Still the same great tasting Fifty50 Foods Low Glycemic products in bold new packaging! Look for it in stores now!

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Our Blog // November 28, 2018

How to Keep Blood Sugar Levels Steady

Keeping your blood sugar levels steady can prevent sugar spikes, increase energy, help prevent type 2 diabetes and improve your metabolism! 

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be healthy

Our certified Low Glycemic diet foods are made with sensible ingredients and the right kind of carbs. Learn more! 

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Testimonials and reviews from our customers say it all about the Low Glycemic products from Fifty50 Foods. View now!

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help the cause

Our customers have helped Fifty50 Foods donate over $14 million to diabetes research since 1991. Read our story!

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You'll feel great knowing 50% of the profit from your Fifty50 Foods purchase is donated to diabetes research. Shop now! 

When my father developed diabetes, I learned about how low glycemic index carbohydrates help control blood glucose levels after eating. They don’t cause spikes and they help with overeating and weight gain because they are so filling. My father loves my meals. Now that I, too, have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I love my meals more than ever. Low glycemic eating helps us to enjoy our food while taking care of our health.
Marce Z.

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The Fifty50 Foods Guide to a Low Glycemic Lifestyle provides comprehensive information on the foods in a Low Glycemic diet that help lower blood sugar levels. View or download the guide here!

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