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Five Easy Tips to Help Keep Your Low GI Diet New Year’s Resolution

January 24, 2018

Helpful Advice to Stay on Your Low GI Diet Throughout the Year

As January winds down, it’s a good time to reflect on your New Year’s resolution to follow a low GI diet and lifestyle. Whether you are in the groove or struggling to eat healthy low GI foods, here are five helpful tips to make this the healthiest year yet:

1) You can eat healthfully on a low GI Diet and still have your carbs.

Check out this article written by Jenna A. Bell, Ph.D., RD for advice on adopting a low GI diet with more slow carbs to feel better and minimize the risks of diabetes, heart problems and more.

2) Not all carbs are equal.

Using tools like the Glycemic Index can help you achieve the right results from your low GI diet. The Glycemic Index helps identify the carbs that spike blood sugar and should be avoided.

3) Focus on the glycemic load of the foods you eat.

The glycemic load is the glycemic index multiplied by the grams of carbohydrates in a food. Women’s Health Magazine shares some easy bio lessons to help you understand how glycmic load works and how to factor it in to your low GI diet.

4) Look for products that provide great tasting options without the guilt. highlights how low glycemic food choices from Fifty50 Foods can help you stay on your low GI diet and maintain your wellness and health.

5) Plan your menus with low GI diet options.

Like any diet, you must include good menu planning in your low GI diet. According to The Nutrition Source, published by Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, meal prep can help save money, save time, help with weight control, contribute to an more nutritionally balanced diet and reduce stress so you avoid last minute decisions about what to eat, or rushed preparation.

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