Fifty50 Foods donates 50% of the profits from your purchase to diabetes research.
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Why We Donate Half of Our Profits to Diabetes Research

November 1, 2017

The statistics are staggering: 1.25M Americans are living with type 1 Diabetes (T1D.) Of those, approximately 200,000 are under the age of 20. More than 40,000 people are diagnosed with T1D each year in the U.S.1 So far, there is no cure for this chronic disease. Through our donations to diabetes research, we hope to change that.

Over $14 Million Dollars Donated to Diabetes Research
Over the last 25 years, Fifty50 Foods has given more than $14 million to diabetes research that targets prevention, treatment and finding a cure for diabetes. Of this, approximately $8 million has gone to the JDRF – the leading global organization funding T1D research.

In 1991, when we first committed to donating half of our profits to diabetes research, it was not as common as it is today to find companies that make significant financial contributions to charities and social causes. Our company was founded by three people who had a common connection: diabetes. One founder had diabetes. One founder was a diabetes educator. And, one founder – my dad – was a volunteer raising money for diabetes research. Their vision was to create great-tasting Low-Glycemic foods that people living with diabetes could enjoy while managing their disease and, at the same time, try to help find a cure.Tour-de-Cure-pic-(1).jpg

Today, our low glycemic products are not only for people with diabetes. Many have found the benefits of adopting a diet comprised of foods that are low on the Glycemic Index (GI.) We aim to create the broadest category of healthy, great-tasting Certified Low-Glycemic foods so that we can all maintain a healthy diet, feel good and eliminate the potential health risks associated with blood sugar fluctuations. It’s motivating as I travel to meet people who are grateful for our efforts to fund diabetes research and encouraged that we help to make day-to-day life with diabetes easier and healthier with our Low-GI foods.

All of us Likely Know Someone Inflicted with Diabetes
All of us likely know someone inflicted with diabetes. For me, it was the husband of a dear friend and father of a young son who lost his fight at age 40. It’s the 23-year-old beautiful daughter of my cousin who was diagnosed as a young child. And, it’s the many corporate partners, suppliers and colleagues who have friends and family members battling this disease. That’s why I personally chose to ride in the Tour de Cure and raise funds for people living with diabetes in my community as well as participating as a sponsor for the JDRF One Walk in Rochester, N.Y. which raised money for diabetes research.

Since November is American Diabetes Month you’ll see increased efforts by the American Diabetes Association to focus attention on the disease and the people affected by it. You’ll also likely see awareness events from JDRF. Until there is a cure, I am proud to be associated with a company and causes that focus on diabetes research and putting an end to diabetes.

To help fund diabetes research through your purchase of products from Fifty50 Foods, go to the Shop section of our web site.

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