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Spring Forward for Better Health

March 29, 2018

Ah…Spring is finally in the air. The days are longer. People are getting back outdoors. And it’s a good time to start healthy new habits.  

Here are five simple steps to help you put an extra ‘spring’ in your step:

Drink more water: Health authorities recommend following the 8x8 rule of drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily (about 2 liters or half a gallon). 

Adopt a Low Glycemic (GI) diet: Choosing foods low on the GI help minimize blood sugar spikes and can promote optimal weight loss. 

Protect your skin: In addition to applying a SPF 30 sunscreen, seek shade whenever possible, wear protective clothing and sunglasses and avoid intense sun rays. 

Check-in for a Check-up: Make sure to book your well-exam. Ask your doctor to check for high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer screenings and more for an overall view of your health. 

Add more exercise and sleep: The American Heart Association reports that the right amounts of sleep and regular exercise can lower the risk of a stroke. 

Check out these recipes that are sure to lead to spring fever: 

Make plain old H20 more exciting with these homemade flavor-infused waters

Enjoy the flavor of old fashioned ice cream, without the fat and sugar. 

Turmeric-Pickled Deviled Eggs not only taste yummy but look like spring on a plate.

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