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Will a Low-Glycemic Index Diet Help Control my Appetite?

July 19, 2022

Yes, a low-GI diet can help control your appetite. Fifty50 Foods has been making Low-Glycemic (GI) Foods and sharing the benefits of following a low-GI diet for over 20 years.  Today with the increase of research data available outlining the benefits of Low-Glycemic foods, more people are taking advantage of a low-GI diet. 

What we know

High-GI foods spike blood sugar and cause a rapid insulin response which, in turn, causes a rapid return of hunger. Last year, we shared this article from Cleveland Clinic's website where Alexander Williams, MD speaks about "slow-carb" or low glycemic index foods vs. high glycemic index foods saying that low-GI foods "will cause a slower and lower rise in your blood sugar. Foods with a high glycemic index, or simple sugars, give you this quick burst of energy with a rise in blood sugar quickly. But then you’ll tend to feel pretty tired afterward and will get hungry quickly.”
The opposite is seen with low-GI foods. As early as 2009, Scientists reported a tie between low-GI foods and increased gut hormone production which triggers suppression of appetite and makes you feel full. So if you maintain a low-GI diet and have a suppressed appetite, the long-term effect should be eating less and managing weight better. 

How we can help

We have several products that are made with low-GI ingredients and some, like our Hard CandyPie Crusts, and Cookies can help with your sweet tooth as you are creating better habits and eating healthier, low-GI foods. 

Also, as you begin to navigate the kitchen on your low-GI diet, Fifty50 Foods offers products like Peanut Butter, Crystalline Fructose Sugar Substitute, and Maple Syrup that will come in handy for sweetening, baking, and making delicious low-GI dishes.

Posted: 7/19/2022 7:58:53 PM by Julie Frost | with 0 comments