Fifty50 Foods donates 50% of the profits from your purchase to diabetes research.
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Low-GI vs Carb Loading for Endurance Exercise

February 6, 2018

Many athletes swear by the practice of carb loading before exercise, especially those doing long endurance activities like marathon running, but research has also shown that eating a low-GI meal prior to exercise resulted in improved endurance capacity.

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Fifty50 Foods Raises Funds for T1D Research at Find a Cure Gala

February 5, 2018

Julie Frost attends the JDRF ‘Find a Cure’ Gala in Rochester, New York on January 27th. As a Gold Level Sponsor, Fifty50 Foods has given approximately $8 million of the more than $14 million given since 1991 to diabetes research that targets prevention, treatment and finding a cure for diabetes. 

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