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Treating Type 2 Diabetes with food instead of medicine

December 6, 2022

Fifty50 Foods has been contributing to diabetes research since 1991 when 3 people, who had diabetes in common (one founder had diabetes, one founder was a diabetes educator, and one founder was a volunteer raising money for diabetes research) formed a company with the mission to help find a cure for the disease. We know it starts with how you power your body -- food -- and we designed foods with slow-digesting carbs or low-glycemic carbs, that won’t spike blood sugar. It's exciting for us to see the medical industry coming around to understand the importance of low-glycemic foods in the battle against diabetes.

This article tells the story of one man's late diagnosis and the recommendation by doctors to try a program by the Geisinger Health System at one of its community hospitals, called "Fresh Food Farmacy." It "provides healthy foods—heavy on fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and low-sodium options—to patients... and teaches them how to incorporate those foods into their daily diet."

*Spoiler alert: healthy food, instead of pills, helped the man lose weight and lower his A1C out of the danger zone! Read all of the details for yourself, and remember that Fifty50 Foods has great options for low-glycemic foods like peanut buttercookiescandysyrup, pre-made pie crusts, and crystalline fructose sweetener, that help you get that sweet fix without jeopardizing your blood sugar levels. Plus we offer hearty-cut oatmeal, which is a great way to start your day with long-lasting energy!

All of these products can be purchased on Amazon in multi-packs to save you a bit of money and, don't forget, we give 1/2 of our profits to diabetes research. In fact, we've contributed over $14 Million to help find a cure.

Posted: 12/6/2022 8:38:04 PM by Julie Frost | with 0 comments