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Low glycemic cookies give Santa lasting energy

December 21, 2017

Low Glycemic Cookies and Sugar Free Wafers from Fifty 50 Foods Healthier for Santa, Too.

Every Christmas Eve, billions of children around the world put out plates of cookies and a glass of milk for Santa Claus to make sure he is well-nourished for his toy deliveries across the globe and that long journey back to the North Pole. This means that the bearded man in the red suit potentially consumes several billion calories on December 24th! Sure, climbing those chimneys and carrying large sacks of toys help burn off some of it off, but perhaps we should consider healthier options including Fifty 50 Foods Low Glycemic Cookies and Sugar Free Wafers to share with St. Nick. Here are some suggestions:

  • Skipping sugary cookies and other sweet snacks would help Santa avoid blood sugar highs and lows that can lead to medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Considering he’s likely 200 years-old, he is at greater risk for diabetes or prediabetes since statistics show that 25-percent of Americans age 65 and older are diagnosed or undiagnosed with this disease. A great treat option for Santa to nibble is certified Low Glycemic Cookies and Sugar Free Wafers from Fifty 50 Foods. We offer several varities including Low Glycemic Chocolate Chip Cookies. Our version of these beloved cookies has a natural, chocolaty taste without the carbs to help the jolly man feel satisfied without the guilt.

  • While the milk Santa drinks is a good source of bone-building Vitamin D and calcium, the healthiest choice is low- or non-fat milk rather than whole milk. Other healthy options are unsweetened almond milk or soy milk which are still calcium-rich but contain fewer carbs. And of course, our Low Glycemic Cookies and Sugar Free Wafers are great for dunking in any kind of milk.

Helping Santa – or your favorite loved one – make healthier eating choices can mean they will continue to fill Christmas wishes for many years to come. For all these Christmas and holiday celebrations, choose Low Glycemic Cookies and Sugar Free Wafers from Fifty 50 Foods.

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