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Best Dining Out and On the Go Options for a Low Glycemic Diet

December 1, 2017

Whether it's a business lunch, dinner with friends or family, or fast food when you're on the move, you can dine out and still maintain a healthier lifestyle that focuses on Low Glycemic Index foods and a Low Glycemic diet.

Before you head to your favorite restaurant, check out their menu online and think about your low glycemic choices before you order. Here are a few options to consider when dining out or taking your favorite meal to eat at home while keeping your Low Glycemic diet - and blood sugar levels - on track:

Dining out Dinner/Lunch Options for a Low Glycemic Diet

  • Italian Food - Pick menu selections like thin crust pizza or pasta topped with vegetables and seafood without loaded cheese or heavy sauces. Steer clear of extra cheese and processed pepperoni. Ask for your plate to be half filled with salad and Low-GI toppings. Here are some tips to help you pick Low-GI pasta.
  • Chinese Food - Choose healthy starters such as satay dishes with chili dipping sauces and soups. Opt for anything on the menu that is steamed, such as fish or white meat chicken with ginger, vegetables and rice. Avoid deep-fried foods like spring rolls.
  • Mexican Food - Stick with the grilled seafood and chicken dishes in non-fried shells such as fajitas or burritos.  Ask for a side of salad or salsa. Beans are a great Low-GI choice and are very filling.

Breakfast on the Go Options for a Low Glycemic Diet

Smoothies make a great post-workout snack or an easy option for breakfast on the run. To comply with your Low Glycemic diet and avoid spikes in your blood sugar levels, make sure you smoothies are made with the right blend of ingredients. Check out this article for some healthy smoothie options.

Sweet Treats on the Go Options for a Low Glycemic Diet

A Low Glycemic diet can include sweets, but again, it is important to know their ingredients. Chocolate lovers can reach for Fifty50’s Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Bars and Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bars to satisfy sweet cravings on the go. Melt the chocolate and dip in strawberries or other Low-GI fruits for a healthy sweet treat at home. Here is a list of Low-GI Fruits.

For More Information on Dining Out and on the Go Options for a Low Glycemic Diet
Need more information on dining out and on the go options for a Low glycemic diet? Post your questions to the Fifty50 Foods Facebook or Twitter site. For more information on a low glycemic diet including the Glycemic Index value for a wide variety of foods, download the Fifty50 Foods Guide to a Low Glycemic Diet for Better Glucose Control.

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