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Low glycemic cookies give Santa lasting energy

December 21, 2017

Every Christmas Eve, billions of children around the world put out plates of cookies and a glass of milk for Santa Claus to make sure he is well-nourished for his toy deliveries across the globe and that long journey back to the North Pole. We should consider healthier options!

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Answers to Your Low Glycemic Diet Questions

December 14, 2017

Fifty50 Food’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Julie Frost, answers the most common questions about the Low Glycemic diet and why her company is committed to helping people “Eat Well and Feel Good.”

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Best Dining Out and On the Go Options for a Low Glycemic Diet

December 1, 2017

Whether it's a business lunch, dinner with friends or family, or fast food when you're on the move, you can dine out and still maintain a healthier lifestyle that focuses on Low Glycemic Index foods and a Low Glycemic diet.

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